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The business picture of Croatia has not been at all fabulous for years. Most workers are employed on a part-time contract, and only a few lucky ones get a permanent contract. Fear of dismissal and job loss prevents many of them from reaching their full potential and, for example, settle a housing problem or buy a car. They fear that their employer will not provide them with a certificate of income or allow them to access Bono 2 so they can apply for a loan. Namely, a good part of employers do not want to give Bon 2 to their employee because they will thus have an insight into his business. This kind of behavior hinders the worker from building his life and moving forward.

Why borrow without a company certification

Why borrow without a company certification

And this is exactly what banks are paying particular attention to. The firm’s liquidity, number of employees and the type of contract largely determine whether or not you receive the desired amount of money. And it’s not something you can’t influence. This can be very frustrating because you can’t get the money you need. Many are turning to family or friends at the moment, but this is not a long-term solution either. Your loved ones may not even have the amount you need or simply set the impossible conditions under which they want to lend. All of this is a risk of borrowing money from loved ones, not to mention breaking the relationship, which is inevitable.

As a result, non-certified corporate loans have emerged on the market that allow people to make money without involving their employer. Some of them do not want to reveal their financial plans to their employer, while others do not want to beg for something that should be taken anyway. Pulling your boss up your sleeve is not something that people dream of. And now they don’t have to worry about it anymore, because they have designed loans without certification in the company .

Loans without company certification

Loans without company certification

Loans without a company certification are possible without involving the employer in the whole process. Most often, these are smaller amounts of money that are repaid over a short period, and thus the client can request them again as soon as they repay the existing ones. They are issued by credit companies that have adapted their business to the conditions in which most Croats live. When choosing the most favorable conditions, the legitimacy of the credit house should be checked first. It is recommended to do business with only those credit institutions that are authorized by the Croatian National Bank. With such credit houses, when taking out a loan without a certificate in the company, a contract is signed on the same and the rights and obligations for both parties are regulated.

Documentation for non-corporate lending is minimal and adapted to a fast-paced lifestyle.


This means that you do not need to collect all the certificates and requests, but most often only the loan agreement is signed and copies of your ID card and current account card are attached. When approving a loan without a certification, the company does not check the creditworthiness of the client, but taking care of financial order. It is important that the client has a regular income and regularly settles his debts.

A loan application without a company certification can usually be submitted online. Everything can be done online through or even via a smartphone. Online registration is complete in just a few minutes.

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